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Series: And So It Begins...

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Speaker: Pastor Tony Pierce

A study of the Book of Genesis: The beginning of many things is recorded in the Book of Genesis. Things such as: creation, our wonderful planet, the human race, the nation of Israel, God's plan for the redemption of humanity, etc. Unfortunately, the beginning of less desirable things are also recorded in the Book of Genesis. Things like: sin, murder, disobedience, the roots of the current Middle East name a few. The Book of Genesis is a book of beginnings. In fact, the word, genesis, means "beginning or origin."

Sun AMGenesis 50:15-21
Sun AMGen. 32:22-32
Sun AMGenesis 26:12-33
Sun AMGenesis 22:1-14
Sun AMGenesis 15:1-6
Sun AMGenesis 6:1-8
Sun AMGenesis 3:11-13
Sun AMGenesis 1 & 2